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Sungrow's PowerTitan: A Game-Changer in Energy Storage Systems

Sungrow, renowned as a global leader in inverter and energy storage solutions, took the spotlight at the Intersolar Europe event in Munich by introducing its latest innovation, the new PowerTitan in the latest generation. This groundbreaking liquid-cooled energy storage system promises to redefine grid stability and power quality while delivering exceptional cost-effectiveness.

© by Sungrow. PowerTitan 2.0 | ST5015kWh-2500kW-2h 

The Innovative Design Behind the PowerTitan 2.0

The PowerTitan represents a seamless fusion of cutting-edge technologies in power electronics, electrochemistry, and grid support, positioning it as a formidable player in the utility-scale energy storage market. With an impressive battery cell capacity of 314Ah, it accommodates a Power Conversion System (PCS) within a compact container, featuring the revolutionary Stem Cell Grid Tech and an efficient liquid-cooled temperature control system. This innovative design significantly enhances power density, allowing a 20-ft container to house 5MWh batteries and a 2.5MW PCS.

Heightened Cost-Efficiency and Grid Support with the PowerTitan 2.0

Notable features of the new PowerTitan include heightened cost-efficiency and grid support. By integrating battery modules and the string PCS within a single container, it achieves more than 7% higher discharged energy capacity over its lifetime. With an improved round-trip efficiency (RTE) of 89.5%, the system simplifies energy conversion between DC and AC power and improves overall system efficiency.


A Closer Look at the Liquid-Cooled Thermal Management System

An outstanding characteristic of this system is its liquid-cooled thermal management system, ensuring even heat dissipation. This not only results in a remarkable 20-year system performance life but also enhances charging and discharging efficiency 
In addition, its artificial intelligence (AI) technology adapting heat dissipation methods based on battery and environmental temperatures reduces daily energy consumption by 40%.


Stem Cell Grid Tech: Elevating Grid Stability and Quality

Furthermore, the PowerTitan 2.0 incorporates Stem Cell Grid Tech to bolster grid stability and power quality. It offers advanced capabilities such as high and low voltage ride-through, broadband oscillation protection, and rapid power restoration during voltage fluctuations.


Safety First: AI-Monitored Cells and Multi-Layer Protection

Safety is paramount with the PowerTitan, featuring AI-monitored cells for real-time safety and four layers of protection against electrical hazards. The system's compartmentalized design further enhances safety.


Seamless Integration: Pre-Installed Parameters and Modular Design

With pre-installed parameters and a modular design that reduces on-site commissioning time, it is ensured that the project can be connected to the power grid with minimal effort and therefore quickly get into the profit zone. The system is also designed for environmental resilience, boasting a C5 anti-corrosion rating and IP55 protection, capable of functioning at altitudes up to 4,500 meters with 100% nominal power.

Sungrow's Proven Excellence in Energy Storage

Sungrow's PowerTitan series has consistently made a significant impact on the renewable energy industry . In Germany, Suntec Energiesysteme GmbH recently used Sungrow's basic model of the PowerTitan in an impressive project. At the Theilheim solar park, Sungrow integrated a central inverter, twenty generator junction boxes and two PowerTitan energy storage units (first generation) with a total storage capacity of 5,500 kWp to realise a system size of 7,078.32 kWp. The expected annual production is 6,700,000 kWh.

© by Sungrow. Theilheim Solar Park collaboration with Sungrow

The latest generation of PowerTitan is no exception. With 7.7GWh delivered globally in 2022 and its PowerTitans´s orders totalling 13GWh, Sungrow's reputation for excellence and innovation remains unmatched, positioning Sungrow as the world's leading provider of fully integrated energy storage system solutions.


The Future Role of PowerTitan in Renewable Energy

As renewable energy projects continue to expand, the PowerTitan by Sungrow is positioned to play a crucial role in advancing grid stability, power quality, and overall energy efficiency.

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